Tattoo Dreams

Handcrafted wood boxes, urns and vessels


Words, images and patterns envelope utilitarian objects and transform them into one of a kind art pieces. The designs we use are uplifting and personal, turning the viewer into the collector. These boxes come to life in this body of work looking like tattoos on wood– thus the name, TattooDreams.

We are a husband and wife team who create and sell TattooDreams. We sell to very few galleries, so you will mostly find us at finer art shows across the country. We have worked together as a collaborative team for 28 years, as partners in love, life and art. Each piece is built and finished with our hands.

Jon is an accomplished designer and woodworker, building all the boxes and cutting and drilling every shape.
Patricia is the visionary soul in this duo, conjuring up the various themes and integration of the images and phrases.

Our goal is to craft a utilitarian object– a box– that tells a story, remembers the past and gives a nod to the future. The relationship between phrases and images remain paramount, as this is what completes our story.

The process begins with Jon constructing all the boxes in cherry wood, preparing them for Patricia to complete. She utilizes her vast collection of rubber stamps to impress the images permanently onto the wood. She uses paint, not ink, because of it's depth, opacity, texture, and permanence.

Our studio proudly maintains a zero-waste policy. When the wood is too small to build another box, we cut smaller beads from it to incorporate into our stellar Good Karma Bead Strings– a unique beaded curtain that is one-of-a-kind. Even smaller cutoffs from the waste wood are set aside as kindling to fire our wood stoves for heat. Finally, the sawdust from all the woodworking is collected and used for compost.

Our boxes and larger vessels have been used to hold loved ones cremains. These memorial urns are personalized and often begin the healing process in an artful way. It's a fitting tribute, and brings us back full circle. What began as an urn for a beloved deceased pet has now blossomed into the entire range of work you see here.

Background image: Good Karma Bead Strings

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